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  1. E

    What power pack could I use for the 900mm teksumo

    Ok I have been looking into flying wings, and I found the arf 900mm teksumo. If at all possible, which FT power pack could I use for it?
  2. R

    Teksumo Series #1 - The Fog

    Hy Guys,.. I am getting in some new FPV thing here and want to great these new Series called "Teksumo Series" I love this plane that much.. so i thought that would be a good idea ^^ That´s my new and First Video and i hope you like it, like i do ;) The wing is just EPP, all other Stuff is...
  3. D

    I need advice for teksumo parts like a motor and additional build tips

    Im new to the hobby and am building a new plane, just a stock teksumo. I got a 30 amp plush esc, a neewer tx/rx a 2200 mah 3s lipo, 2 9g servos and am pondering a motor suitable for the setup considering the 30 amp esc. Any reccomendations? I also want some build tips regarding electronic...
  4. marzvt

    TEKSUMO / Pop Wing FPV 3.0 Finally Got it Perfect! 2.4ghz vid

    First off I'm glad to be back! Just put an addition on my house which killed all extra curricular activities for a good 8 months! To explain my goals for 3.0 I need to explain the successes and failures or 2.0 here is a pick of the retired 2.0 My goal with 2.0 was to build a fast wing with...
  5. K

    Teksumo Speed fluttering

    So I've had the Teksumo for a while now but on the maiden flight I got some serious speed fluttering of the elevens which eventuates in the wing splitting itself apart down the middle, in midair. I repaired it and it flies but I just can go fast now otherwise it flutters again. In the FliteTest...
  6. marzvt

    FPV TEK SUMO 2.0 High speed mountain flyer

    Hey everyone I am just finishing up the build on my second FPV TEK SUMO. My first one is lost in the wilderness, I miss it... I live in the mountains so I build for mountain flying. In my mind that means more weight, more power for high wing loading to deal with gusts and wind, and a stability...