teleporter v2

  1. kimballgoss


    FAT SHARK TELEPORTER V2 FPV Headset- lightly used/almost new- . Condition is Used. Only used for 3 or 4 flights then shelved for a few years. Hasn't even been taken out of the case since 2015. Almost new. Everything is functional, no dead pixels on either of the screens. Everything you see is...
  2. The Alpine Ace

    Opinions and Suggestions on FliteTests new mini FPV System

    I really liked the new Mini FPV system that FliteTests put on their Induxtrix and Nano qx, And even though their out of stock I can't wait to get one. But I have a few concerns... 1. Durability: Whats your experience with its survivabii? 2. Range: I would like to put in on some new Mighty Mini's...