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test flight

  1. EndeavorRC

    Large "C-3" FTFoam scratch-built cargo plane.

    First post in the community! Have been building with FT foam for a while and just now decided to join the forums! For my first post, I'm showing off my own 100% "in-my-head" built Cargo plane utilizing FT Foam I'm dubbing the "C-3". There were no plans (and my only limitation was what I can do...
  2. NickRehm

    RC Starhopper

    In anticipation of SpaceX's sn8 15km starship hop, I've decided to start my own space program;) First up, we need to start small, so I'll be building the famous 'starhopper' vehicle: After this, I would like to move to a full 'starship' that can fly up vertically, parachute down, then land...
  3. S

    Feedback Request! Failed Test flight.

    Hello! I have a team at school that competes in an aero design competition every year. This year our aircraft had some trouble as once it was off the ground it yawed hard and crashed. I would love any feedback as to why the plane reacted as it did. If you have any questions please let me know...
  4. 1

    Speed Addict 210-R FPV Racing Frame flight.

    Here is a raw flight that I had with the Speed Addict 210-R FPV Racing Frame. Hope you enjoy https://youtu.be/2L7xc9my9-c