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    Flite Fest Txas 2018

    I am the President of the RC Modelers Club in Sun City, Texas. We are very excited to hear about the Flite Fest Texas near Rockdale in November. It is less than an hour from Sun City (Austin area). We are hoping to learn of packages for groups as we will likely arrange group transportation to...
  2. R

    West Texas Abilene/Lubbock/San Angelo

    Hey guys anyone flying in western Texas? Abilene/Lubbock/San Angelo Or heck even Snyder.
  3. J

    Central Texas RC meet

    I'm starting a regular meet up for pilots in the central Tx/ Austin area here's the link to the page https://facebook.com/CenTxRCmeet Let me know if the link doesn't work I'm posting in my phone during my break