thank you flite test

  1. U

    Potential for getting deep

    Im a noobie. Started with a sport cub S about 2 months ago. Was genuinly inspired by the approach to the hobby by the FT guys. That crashing is ok. In fact its arguably an important part of the hobby. That said i decided my 2nd plane was going to be an FT spitfire. Some might say thats a...
  2. captian kazuma

    so new at this i might get lost and two weeks till im in ohio

    hi i am new to rc thank to flite test. i started in may and didn't think id be going to flite fest. i got every thing i need but, i only have one or two lipos and don't got much packed or decided on. not only am i new to rc but this will be my first trip on my own and out of state. i hope to...