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thrust angle

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    FT Alpha Thrust Angle

    Can someone shed some light on the thrust angle for FT Alpha? In the video Josh talks about putting the firewall to the top of the A but when I measure the power pod it’s totally symmetrical and doesn’t seem to have a thrust angle. Why does he talk about right thrust if the power pod is straight?
  2. W

    FT Explorer Thrust Angle Woes--Raise CG?

    So, I am new to r/c and just started building an FT Explorer. I have read several posts and seen a few videos with folks struggling to get their thrust angle sorted out. I read the related articles on FT and understand the thrust angle should ideally line up with the CG...not just the balance...
  3. L

    Bloody Wonder motor thrust angle

    Hi Guys, I'm just about to install my motor and esc in my first bloody wonder and I'm not sure if I should add down thrust and right thrust to the motor mount. The last planes I built 15 years ago all had a few degrees of down and right so I was wondering if this plane needs it or should I just...
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    FT Simple Soarer Mod "E" style

    I'm sure more than a few of us have opted to use the swappable pod for the SS so we can motor up and glide the day away! I found one thing that got to me- to have correct CG I had to cram an 1500mAh battery in the front. The issue is that then the plane ended up weighing more than it had to...