top gun

  1. FoamyDM

    SR-72 DarkStar, 1:20 Scale, design by FoamyDM

    The Goal is to create a 5"proped, 6s powere BDF style RC replica of the SR-72 dubbed son of Blackbird (SR-71). It is also Darkstar, the Mach10 plane from Top Gun - Maverick. History Lockheed Martin posted on its website, the Top Gun: Maverick team called them when they were looking for a mean...
  2. S

    Top Gun Simpli E-ZEE Trainer

    I bought this a while ago as a replacement airframe for my super Cub LP. After finding it the other day I was going to sell it, but I used an RC sim to remind me of how much fun the Super Cub was and want one all over...