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transmitter for sale

  1. Nathaniel Stuart

    Sold Turnigy i10 10 channel radio! With extras!

    Hi everyone I am listing a very lightly used Turnigy i10 on eBay only . I no longer have need of it and am trying to sell it to get some multi rotor parts. It is a great radio for someone who wants a awesome radio with lots of features. Please visit the eBay page in the link to purchase it...
  2. S

    Graupner MZ-12 transmitter and two recievers

    Hello everyone, I have a graupner mz-12 transmitter and two receivers for sale. All are in perfect working condition, only used a few times. The reason I'm selling is I'm looking at going with a different transmitter system. I'm asking $170 shipped. Paypal is a preferred form of payment. I will...