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  1. A

    Tri Copter inspired by RC Explorer

    Hi All I'm quite a fan of David's Tri-copters, but unfortunately because of the exchange rate, not all is always as easy/affordable as it is suppose to be. Lucky for me I do have some CAD skills and there is always someone some where with skills and materials. So looking at whats available...
  2. jaskoller

    Wire Type

    I used the typical stranded wire to wire one of my tricopters just like everyone else when I built it. This was my first tri. I'm now going back and cleaning up the build and I have a wire question for anyone with an opinion. I bought some of the appliance wire that is very stiff and bendable...
  3. Techno

    Windestal's V3 Tricopter!

    I was just on rcexplorer.se, when I noticed that there is a V3 Tricopter coming out in a few weeks. I wanted to see if there was a discussion about this already on the forum and there WASN'T. I was so shocked that I typed this up. It's pretty typical of David's tri frame (AKA AMAZING), but he...
  4. S

    Multi-rotor arm construction

    How does flex in arms effect multi-rotors? I was thinking of using carbon arrow shafts to build a tri. But now that I have the arms mounted to the frame I see that the arrow shafts flex slightly. I was thinking that maybe this will help reduce vibrations to the frame / cam? Or will this just...