tricopter apm gps

  1. T

    Is it worth adding GPS to a tricopter?

    I've got a tricopter built off of David's 2.6HV setup with a KK2. My objective is to get to a FPV setup soon. After around 20 flight I've noticed getting it to hover without drift is difficult. I'm not in an area with lots of space so that can be a problem at times. I've seen a few DJI...
  2. kenc3dan

    Tricopter APM2.5+GPS stability

    Are tricopters running APM+GPS hold going to hold position as well as a quad? How about altitude hold? Although they seem to behave so well when flying hands-on (more airplane-like) I wonder if they might be a problem when a computer is trying to manage them. That tail servo is nothing like a...