1. R

    Question about BEC setup on a Acro Naze32 board.

    I purchased a Suppo 3A External BEC since my ZTW Spider 20A OPTO ESC's don’t provide power. Since this is my first Quadcopter build, I want to make sure I understand how to connect the BEC correctly. Could I take M1 ESC and pull the signal wire out and plug that single wire into the BEC and...
  2. kah00na

    UBEC vs Step-Down Voltage Regulator - Best Choice for Camera and TX?

    I'm wanting to run a quad off a 4S battery but need 12 volts for the TX and camera. What is the difference between using a UBEC vs Step-Down Voltage Regulator? Does one provide clean power while the other doesn't? UBEC Pros: UBEC can (most of the time) have a higher output mA. Step Down...
  3. Q

    Switching UBEC?

    Please explain the difference between a BEC and a switching UBEC please?