1. ramarao

    GEOBAT Rc Plane Build

    Hi all This is My latest build Geobat RC Plane Build with 5mm Depron Electronics: 2200kv motor 30A esc 6inch propeller 1300mah 3s lipo
  2. W

    I challenge you! Fly a refrigerator box sideways

    Here's the deal: I witnessed a black 'fridge box (I believe!) fly sideways past my 20th story window, then over Chicago's crowded North Avenue Beach bar, Castaways, in 2014 (before disappearing over Lake Michigan). How hard would this have been to fake with a drone? Back up your opinion by...
  3. L Edge


    Purpose: Take one big ugly flat sheet of foam and fly it rudderless. How: Add a KK2 controller board, 2 E Flite 370 motors, pick the correct direction of rotation, set of elevons and it flies. The elevons controlled roll and pitch. The two motors used differential thrust (one motor adds RPM...
  4. P

    Battery upgrade 500 mah to 2200 mah! Whee! Zooooommmm!!!!!!

    A little upgrade for my Banggood UFO copter. took an 18650 battery and soldered a connector directly to it. Replaced the little 10 gram stick of gum battery that was blowing up like a balloon. Had to remove the landing gear and body and camera but hey it flies! Might fly with the stuff attached...
  5. O

    Challenge: Build a EKIP Tarielka :DD

    I challenge you guys to build a "EKIP Tarielka" That Russian thingy looks like this: Its cross section looks like this: And here's a video of it flying, just to prove that it works: https://youtu.be/GNn1rVJeM08?t=7m10s