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  1. Thorondor

    Absolutely insane and cursed plane, may or may not fly...

    Here's the link to the post made on live.warthunder.com. https://live.warthunder.com/post/891786/en/ That should speak for itself. In case the post gets lost, here's the image.
  2. S

    FT Bloody Wonder, Bloody wonder MKIII, Bloody Baron, Ugly Wonder? Which is best?

    Hey everyone, This summer, I want to build a bloody wonder, as I think it's a good next step and the plane is simply awesome. However, there seem to be different versions of the plane. The ugly wonder just came out , and it looks pretty badass. Which do you think is best? My requirements: It...
  3. D

    A bigger stick

    Ok, A little while ago I posted some pics of the stick style fuse I made for a leftover wing we had, and mentioned that I'd like to scale it up a little and build up a wing as well. So I did, and this..hopefully will be a build log for my stick. I drew up the plans myself in CAD. Pretty much...