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uk flying

  1. FDS

    Tales (the long and the short and the tall) of flying in UK Weather.

    Given that we live on a windy little rock where summer is just (2018 excepted) warmer rain, I thought you might all have fun stories or tips to share about trying to fly foam and cardboard creations in less than ideal conditions. I haven’t been doing this long so can only kick off with a few...
  2. B

    INTERNATIONAL DRONE DAY 2, Brighton UK 7th may

    May 7th at Longhill school (BN27FR) and May 8th for racing There will be displays / talks / swap / car boot and for those that *need to fly* there will be an indoor NEON LIT course you can fly on a First Come First Served (deli-counter ticket system) (need to be able to set raceband on your...