1. Last one of the bipes

    Last one of the bipes

  2. More biplane pics

    More biplane pics

  3. Four Biplanes

    Four Biplanes

    I think I have more flyable biplanes than monoplanes in my hangar at the moment, giving me a biplane wing-monoplane wing ratio of at least 2:1
  4. Matthewdupreez

    Ultimate Trainer Design and Test.

    hey guys recently i have been thinking of attempting to design the ultimate trainer plane, with exceptional characteristics. here are some of my goals: - sub 250gram, for those in countries where licenses are required. - floaty and excellent glide slope. - stable and minimum stall...
  5. E

    new to balsa

    Hey guys.. I have been building, flying and crashing foam planes for 3 or 4 years now. So I decided after I was flying more than crashing I would try Balsa... I started with a SE5a kit it was on sale for $18 and the build and flights were great. I found a scratch and dent p51 and ultimate...