umx timber

  1. Hondo76251

    How Many Landings on One Battery?

    How many times can you take off and land on a single battery? Here's my first attempt: The plane is UMX Timber, the battery is 280mah 35c 2 cell I was able to get 32 landings (and one go around :ROFLMAO:) in about 12 minutes. The video is a single take but sped up for time sake... (5 min of...
  2. A

    UMX Timber Mods

    I thought I would share the mods I've done for my UMX Timber. 1 strip of clear packing tape along the leading edge to reinforce the wing and a diagonal X brace on top of the fuselage since the wings seem a little weak near the flaps. 3d printed vortex generators in front of the ailerons. Tape...