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  1. andycho

    Just Made A Video About Fatshark Dominator HD V3 Unboxing & Firstlook

    Last week I decided to bought my first fpv goggles for my tiny brushed quadcopter LT105(I really want buy a tiny whoop too!!). Of course It's Fatshark Dominator HD3 V3. This is my most expensive equipment for my RC hobby. So ! I decided to make a unboxing video, and this it is.
  2. FlyingMaddLadd

    Spektrum Dx9 Unboxing and Review!

    Spektrum Dx9 Unboxing and Review Hey guys, Just sharing my unboxing and review of the spektrum dx9 with you guys, I think it is a great radio, Full of features and i definately recommend it to you. Check out the video to watch my review :) Please subscribe to my channel also, It helps me ALOT...
  3. FlyingMaddLadd

    Spektrum DX9 - Unboxing and Quick Review.

    Hello Guys! I got a Spektrum DX9 transmitter as my Christmas present. Today i recorded a Simple unboxing video and a quick review/run-over of the Tx. I got it from a local hobby shop which got it from Horizon Hobby. If your looking for a High Tech, Quality Tx that will last be sure to check...