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wiring harness

  1. Scooter The White Rabbit

    Help! 4 motor power?

    Okay, with the Guinea Pig you use a Y-power harness from the batteries to the ESC's. Build a C-130 that size, but it has 4 motors, thus four ESC's. So, 3 Y-power harnesses? Can it be that simple? Now, how do you get longer times in the air, and... well... a touch more oomph from the motors...
  2. I

    Noob tricopter wiring question

    I'm building my first multi rotor and I'm learning a ton, but there's one thing I just can't really seem to get. I'm starting my wiring harness, and I have a few questions. 1- Because the KK2 is forever out of stock, I decided to just pony up the money and invest in a Naza. Do I or do I not need...