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  1. FoamyDM

    2018-2019 Winter Build List, What's yours?

    We here in the US march steadily toward daylight savings time. It's the period of the year where many of us go to work and come home in complete dark. As RC enthusiasts (read: addicts), this tends to be the time we relegate to the flying hibernation/ building period of the year. I want to know...
  2. L

    How do you store your builds?

    Hello all, I, probably like many, have limited space to store and work on building my planes. What are some space efficient ways to store them all? I have very little wall space and the little that I have is in front of my workbench so I would probably not store them there. I have room for some...
  3. FoamyDM

    Robotech VF-9 that flies, maybe Hovers,

    So I have just Arrived into the hobby and I am Eager to start my first scratch build. this post is just The Mission statement: Stage 1: Build the VF-9 from Robotech I have always been in love with the forward sweeping plane designs. I may have started my career as a draftsman, however I have...
  4. B

    Drill or Press

    Hi, I am totally new at this hobby and I am planing to build my first quad. Since I am new at this hobby I don't have many of the tool required to make the quad. I am planning to by a drill but I am not sure if I should by a drill press instead. I have never touched a drill so I thought maybe a...