world's first

  1. FoamieNinja

    Aiming to revolutionize the world of bicopter flight.

    Hey guys, I'm aware it's a bit of a cheesy title, But I've been grinding away for about a year now to change the overall negative attitude toward bicopters. They've always had a bad rap for their instabilities and lack of decent control. Until now. I've completely changed up the design, and...
  2. Hionimi

    So... What was the first ever Radio-Controlled/unmanned Multirotor to fly?

    I've been searching Google for a while, but the way that website sorts info these days is just plain dreadful... :( Applied many filters to filter away certain results like '-3D-', '-solar', '-car', and many more. Google basically tells people who want to search for non-popular stuff to sod...