#ww2 prototype aircrafts

  1. Biko

    UMX 1/20 XP-77 (420mm)

    I've been building some simple UMX planes lately, using electronics taken from a Sport Cub S2. This time I wanted to try something a bit more interesting than square fuselages and retangular wings... XP-77 The XP-77 is an experimental light fighter developed by Bell in WW2 as an 'emergency...
  2. mackaiver

    Mini XP-82/ Mini BF-109 Z/ mini FW-190 Z-17/ mini ME-609/ mini HO-229

    im new to this but i am making a FT Mini XP-82/ Twin Mustang. i know a few people have done this before. but i hopefully will be able to get out the nessacary plans and instructions to make it once its completed. suggestions welcome feel free to put examples of WWII experimental aircraft in...