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  1. Sneery

    Solved Need help with custom "power pack" I made

    So instead of buying a power pack, I checked the internet for similar parts, and it seemed to work. Would anyone tell if if these would actually work together? They would be going in a Mighty Mini. Very new to the whole DIY stuff so I have no idea if these work. I tried to mimic Power Pack F...
  2. StatiK RC

    3d Printable XT-60 terminal cover for travel and storage. TSA approved

    Just a quick video I made showing off these terminal caps I use all the time. I used these when I traveled to FFE 2017 and they worked great. I had no problems with TSA. Here are the model files for anyone interested in printing their own: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:341517 I didn't...
  3. C

    FMS T28 800mm

    Hey guys. I'm interested in getting this plane, anyone else got it? https://www.horizonhobby.com/product/airplanes/fms-brand/plug-n-play/t-28-v2-red-pnp-800mm-fmm032pred If so, do you remember if the fms 20A esc came with an ec3 or a jst connector? I have 2200 mah 3s packs with xt60 and I want...
  4. S

    Deans, EC3 or XT60 ???

    Hello, I am new to the hobby and am getting a few planes in the air and would like to get some input on what experienced flyers are using for electrical connections. I have a small biplane that uses JST connectors as it only draws about 5-7amps running on a 3s 450MaH battery pack. The...
  5. hbb3367

    JST connectors on batteries

    Funny coincidence: Last week I was watching Josh on the Sparrow build, and while he was doing the electronics he mentioned they were moving from JST to XT30 or XT60 connectors on batteries and ESC's. He mentioned that a JST could be connected backwards. I was a bit disappointed, as I have...