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  1. K

    ZMR 250 Brain Fpv build

    Parts Brainfpv flight controller Dys 1806 2300kv x4 motors Dys 20 amp opto escs x4 Mini h quad zmr 250 pdb Zmr 250 frame TX5G6R video transmitter Smc 600 camera Taranis radio with X8R QUANAM V2 goggles RX5GR av receiver I have my motors connected to my escs ad my escs connect to the power...
  2. dropkickjohny

    ZMR180 from FPVmodel.com

    Hello Everyone, I picked up an ARF kit of the ZMR180 from FPVmodel.com come a couple of weeks ago. Truth be told, I have no idea where the original ZMR250 orginated from or from whom. I do know the FPVmodel sells the "version 2" of the ZMR250 so I suppose they get to be the ZMR people at the...
  3. Robbie

    Robbie's Supercharged Racing Build!!!

    Hey guys, Just thought i would share my lastest build, Build: ZMR 250 6" Naze 32 (who really needs F3) Rotorgeeks V2 30A RCtimer 2208 2600kv (thanks Cyberd) HQ 6045 1800mah 4S 800mw 1.3Ghz Sony 600tvl Super HAD mini CCD 30 degrees tilt Thug PDB This is my Old 280 Night hawk served me...
  4. Snarls

    Snarls 250 Summer Quad - Performance ZMR Build

    Hi everyone, for this summer I am planning to add a mini quad to my small arsenal of RC gear. I am hoping to get pretty serious with this new quad as well as with my 550mm spider quad with gimbal. Due to it currently being my first year in college I have only been able to log a handful of flight...