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FliteFest 2016 Ham Operators

Are there any HAM operators that will be bringing their 2M equipment?
Looks like K8VPJ is in Malvern.

Frequency Offset Tone Call Location ST/PR Use
147.0750 +0.6 MHz 131.8 K8VPJ Malvern OH OPEN

Simplex frequencies? Any local repeaters?
Obviously limited to 2M to keep off of flying frequencies.

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Understanding some things

I figured that most FPV pilots would have their Ham Technician license......maybe not?

2M is commonly referred to frequencies in the 144-148MHz range. I don't know of any flight equipment that uses anything close to that. There are some long distance control systems that use the 70cm (420-450MHz) for flight control. I think some people will be using that for the "record" attempt. Get more people off of the 2.4GHz frequencies.

K8VPJ is a 2M repeater just south of FliteFest. Repeaters allow a HT (Hand talkie) or mobile stations to go much longer distances by "repeating" the transmission on a separate transmission frequency. Anything in the 2M or 70cm range is considered line of sight frequencies. By having a repeater high up on a tower can greatly enhance your range.

To use a repeater you have to know a few things:
Receive frequency: 147.0750MHz
Transmit frequency: +.6MHz or 147.6750MHz
Tone frequency: 131.8Hz (inaudible tone that opens the squelch of a radio)

K8VPJ is hosted by Carroll County Amateur Radio Repeater System. They even mentioned FliteFest on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CarrollCountyOHAmateurRadioRepeaterSystem/

Anyway. I could go on for pages and pages.
I am a technician. I think I'd like to get general soon because of the better HF privileges. So far I only use my license for FPV because I can never seem to hold on to my money long enough to decide on a radio.;) And I seem to be slowly accumulating planes, electronics, and other stuff. Hmm..

I am thinking of getting a handheld soon just to keep my tech knowledge in me.(IF I don't practice, it slowly leaks out my ears while I sleep) It is nice to know that I understand what your saying though.

Scotty, I almost laughed out loud when I saw that.:p
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LOL! Isn't that the truth. I have three hobbies that suck on the ol wallet teat. RC, Ham, guns. Ain't a single one of them cheap!

I just got my General few weeks ago. Studying for Extra now. Hopefully pass that one (nightmare hard) on the 24th.
Lol I'm just messing with you. I'm an Electrical Engineer and I'd love to get my HAM liscense eventually. Maybe if I start FPV flying that would be a good justification to go for it.