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FREESTYLER Project - GepRC KHX5 Elegant Quad Build

Hi there RC people :)

It can be a lot of fun to buy / order up a ready made RC, and go out & fly / drive it right away :) On the other hand great satisfaction can be found in selecting all components yourself and then build the craft :)
This allso gives you more insight into how things really work (and how they do Not work :p)

The objective in this project is to build a smooth Freestyle FPV quadcopter. My last build was more of a Powerhouse.. This time I want the quad to have a more liniar power-output..

This series will be quite a nr. of video's and I'll try to put as much info into the individual video's as possible. This allso means the project won't be ready in just a few days as well offcourse ;)

Let's first have a look all the components for this build :)

Parts selected for this build:
Quadcopter frame: GEP-KX5 Elegant
Flight Controller: Matek F722 STD
ESC's: DYS Aria 32bit Dshot1200
Motors: EMAX LS2207 2550Kv
Props: GemFan Windanser 5042
FPC cam: Runcam Swift 2
FPV antenna: TBS Triumph
Receiver: FrSky XSR
Howdy guys :)

sooo.. a new quad build huh? I'd say it makes sense with an indepth look at the frame(s) I've chosen for this build :)

So.. here is a Review of the 2 'Elegant' frame variants by GepRC :)

And another update in this sage :)

In this video I'll go quite a bit more indepth / technical into the why of my 2207 motor choice.. Should interesting and maybe controversial?

Update time again for this project! :)
this time we'll be giving the quad an actual brain, and not just any.. An F7 from Matek :)

Soooooo yes.. that is all very nice huh? They sure DO fly well :)

But.. these GepRC builds are allso quite pricey, eventhough that's relative...

Let's see if we can get the price down somewhat :)

The parts list!
GepRC GEP-KX5 Elegant: https://goo.gl/FdixuY
Matek F405 CTR: https://goo.gl/ZSdUXi
AKKtek FX2 Ultimate mini VTX: https://goo.gl/9vu8iD
HAKRC 32bit Dshot1200 ESC's: https://goo.gl/ZUvShh
DYS Samguk Wei 2207 2600Kv motors: https://goo.gl/yucAZR
GemFan Windanser 5042 props: https://bit.ly/2JtMEe3
Caddx Turbo S1 (PAL version) camera: https://goo.gl/eUn1xD
AKK Pagonoda: https://www.akktek.com/products/antenna/akk-fpv-flat-panel-antenna.html
This addition isn't really about the GepRC Freestyler per-sé, though the flying IS done with that quad :)
In this video I'm simply testing a Beta release of BetaFlight 4.0...