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Help! Help with new Carbon-Z Cessna 150 ESC!

I just received my new Cessna 150 and put it together, I plugged it in to test it to discover the esc does not act right. It has an E-flite 60 amp Pro Switch Mode BEC Brushless esc (V2), model # EFLA1060B. When I tried to throttle up, the motor started fine but then immediately started to slow down until it stops, like I was slowly lowering the stick. When I bring the stick to zero and try to throttle again, the same thing continues to happen. I have tried changing some settings to no avail. If anyone has some advise, it would be much appreciated.


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I just did a quick search on that esc and looked at horizon hobbies site for info. I took a peek at the reviews and it seems that about 50% of the esc's specifically in the plane you speak of have failed. It seems that is a known weak point for that model and you should probably replace it with a better suited one.

Some of the reviews say it is too small for the planes power train others never even got to test it out, some have even burned up in flight.

Hi, thanks for the reply, looking at the reviews I can agree, I think I will go for a better quality esc. Maybe I will go for a T-Motor 80 amp esc, it just sucks that it came that way out of the box.



Wake up! Time to fly!
Ehh ya never know. With 50% ish high praise and the other 50% hate and discontent it sounds more like a bad batch of them escaped the factory. The one guy said he talked to HH and they replaced it no questions asked including shipping both ways.. might be worth a call to them.

Captain Video

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The problem is the ESC is looking for the battery type 4s vs 5s. When I got mine a moth ago it was set for a 3s from the factory. If you go into the ESC settings you can change what the ESC wants to see. I find a 4s is very under powered. A 5s is much better. When you power up the plane it will beep a sequence which will have a series of beeps at the end indicating what is expecting. 4 beeps for 4s 5 beeps for 5s. I hope this helps. Also make sure you land on a relatively smooth surface, I have replaced the front steering wheel once as the grass at the Middle sch at which I fly is a little to rough.

OutaTime FPV

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That particular ESC is the same one that went full throttle on me with my TX still connected and no failsafe initiated. I would NOT trust that ESC, let alone be anywhere near it!