How to stop flickering from Gopro 12


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Hallo to everyone !
I notice some noise specialy at night at the footage of my Gopro 12,
that its ok ,but flickering at the street lights isnt good.
How can avoid flickering? if i change fps?

settings at this video was :
shutter 1/60
iso 100 - 800

here the video


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No idea why you're asking gopro questions on an RC plane forum but whatever I guess lol.

The flicker is because LED street lights use PWM to control brightness. The PWM frequency is different than the frame rate of the camera so you end up seeing the flicker that you don't see with the naked eye. Going to a higher frame rate on the camera MIGHT make it less noticeable (or possibly more noticeable, depends on the PWM frequency of the lights).


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Using a slower shutter speed "should" help eliminate flickering lights. I don't have a current gopro, so I don't know how slow you can go, but that is the only thing that will help. Take a couple videos at different shutter speeds for comparison. Share your results.