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I just bought a MS Corsair any tips?


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So I just bought a MS Corsair and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on building/flight tips/parts
For building, using painters tape is really useful for hold parts and you can just leave it on for longer that you think the glue will take to dry to save time.


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Go slowly, test fit your parts fit before gluing, and remember more glue doesn't necessarily mean a stronger bond. Enjoy watching the build video a few times- John Overstreet has a Bob Ross quality with his narration.
I have built 2 and they fly nice. take your time and build the cowl around the power pod. Glue the tail on last to get best alignment with the wing. I used magnets to hold the bottom hatch in place. and also did not double the tail like in the plans. Good if you have had stick time with other planes. This model if built light floats. I get 15 minute flite times on 2200 3s. Yep I fly slow.