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Legacy rubberbands #64 and other ???

Is that the size? And are they the same as the Simple Cub?

I don't see the CCW prop on the parts list?

What tail wheel would be good for the Legacy? I have an extra for my old Sport Cub that I updated to gear for the CC Cub.

I was also thinking it would be cool to have a nose-dragger too! :unsure:

One Legacy almost complete and one still in the box....


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Yes #64's are fairly standard and will work. Staples, Walmart, just about anywhere has them. Dollar Tree ones don't last very long though.

I've switched to using trash can rubber bands - they are BIG! and meant to hold trash bags in trash cans. Much larger, and much stronger than regular bands. I use 3 of them on my 60" Ultra stick

Tail wheel, I didn't use one, just a piece of cut off popsicle stick. But whatever fits will work.