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Wings at Work '21

This Labor Day weekend, Saturday thru Sunday (4th-6th), FT will be hosting an FTCA sanctioned event, "Wings at Work." The theme of this event is focusing on the uniqueness and diversity of aircraft, and the skills required to accomplish certain tasks. The idea is to showcase the uniqueness, or versatility, of aircraft that you enjoy flying. Along with some challenges for the aircrafts and pilots to participate in there will also be everyone's favorite activity, Combat.
So whether you have a plane to showcase and participate in the challenges, or you just have a plane that you want to use to destroy other planes, come out to Edgewater and join us. As always, this is a family event that can be enjoyed by all!
For more information you can find it on the Edgewater Airpark page, https://www.edgewaterairpark.com/event/wings-at-work/?instance_id=4175 .