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FT Planes Built (reverse order):
FT Mini Arrow
Galleon DT(FB) "Galleon"
Ridge Racer 1.5m motor glider "Spats"
FT Explorer "Blacksplorer"
FT Mustang "Sally"
FT Explorer "Explorer"
75% Goblin "Princess Plank 2"
FT Mini Scout "Scout"
FT Simple Cub "Peppacub"
75% Goblin "Princess Plank"
FT Tiny Trainer
FT Goblin "Plank"
FT Mini Arrow (extended nose) "Petunia"
FT Tiny Trainer (both wings)
FT Mini Arrow
forgive me for assaulting you, I have a problem with your magnificent design "the fish" does not fly straight, tends to go to the ground and I have to correct it constantly
Did you give the motor any angle?
Thank you
is helping me a lot in my training