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Back in 2016 you were testing a design called the INVADER for the 2016 Flightfest. I was wondering if you ever made the plans public. I really like the lines of the concept.
@cochise99 I think you are referring to the giant Air Hogs Intruder. While I have revisited the design here and there, I still do not have any plans done for it yet. It is on the short list of things to get done though and I still very much want to finish it. Thanks for your interest. I do have plans that I will be posting very soon (maybe today) for the EZ Intruder for the EZ Pack.
Broke the Balsa Baron but everything else flew great. I nearly crashed the X-29 due to orientation issues, that plane is so different in the air it's easy to screw that up. :)
Tomorrows weather looks perfect so day off for flying. Balsa Baron - proper maiden, L-39 jet, Mini AR Wing, the Cargotrans and the X-29 jet. Hopefully they will all return in one piece :) :)
The Hangar
The Hangar
Good luck and have fun! I got 5 planes in the air today and also my incuctrix FPV+ but tomorrow is supposed to be very wet so no flying.
Hi Mikkel, Just wondering if you ever got the foam board imported from the US for building the flite test models? Did you have your web store online as well?
Tired, bored, slowly going insane. At least I almost have enough $ for a kwad now!
Became a recent fan of your projects here on the forum. I see that you use mostly use Gorilla glue on your planes.
Do you use only Gorilla glue or are there places you would rather you hot glue or CA glue?
I saw some mention of product support for FLYSKY where your name was mentioned. Not much help available from USA hobbies that I have found. I have and really like the FLYSKY 10 channel tx and rx, but sometimes find difficulty in programming mixes. Can you recommend a source?
Hope you took no offense at my reference to NED KELLY. I love to hear the stories and legends about Ned. My wife and I have traveled extensively about OZ, and have a 30+ year close friendship with 2 couples who live in Perth. Have not yet visited Darwin to complete our visiting all the major cities in OZ. Our Perth friends say Darwin is not a major city, but we still want to visit.