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Hello I'm new to forum.

Hi, I am a lifelong aviation fan and private pilot 20+ years ago but only recently started flying RC planes. Last year for father's day my wife and kids bought me a Harbor Freight P-51 Mustang which I made my first 4-channel RC flights with. A neighbor saw me flying and started bringing out RC airplanes he had and letting me fly them(Super Cub, EDF Mig 15, Vapor, Champ, Champ S, T-28, and an electric sailplane) . Last September I finished a scratch built FT Simple Storch and have been having a great time flying this wonderful design. I've never participated in an on-line forum before but I thought I'd try it.
Welcome to Flite Test mate.

Seems you have had a great start and already are making memories with friends. Pretty impressive to start with a P 51 as a first plane. Usually war birds are unforgiving to new pilots. anyways great post and looking forward to hearing more. BTW the forums are powered by pictures and video so post as many as you can if possible.


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Welcome to the forums! :applause:

And yes, as Psyborg says we are powered by pictures here - let's see your scratch build and what your next project is!
Thanks for the welcome guys! I'm new to this and didn't know how to navigate the forum and didn't know there were replies to my post until yesterday. I'll try to get some pictures on here sometime though my planes are not terribly photogenic!