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  1. JimCR120

    RocHobby V Tail 2200mm Owner's Thread

    When I bought the UMX Radian several years ago my intention was merely wanting to spend a relatively small amount of $ that was about to burn a hole in my pocket in the not-so-local hobby shop. On the ride home I was frustrated to find it didn't even have ailerons. "What had I done?"...
  2. James Y

    Is my Modified Supercub in Danger?

    I have recently modified my Supercub Lp to great success. I took the center dihedral section out of the wings, added ailerons (8” long with 2x HXT 9gr servo) and did a brushless conversion with a Turnigy Park 1020kv 480, HK 30A ESC, running off a 2200mah 3cell driving a Turnigy wooden 10x7 prop...