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  1. fahrulmashabi

    Help! Recomend build for 2212 2200kv motor

    I have 2212 2200kv motor with 40A esc and 6035 props and several servos, I want to build a6m zero with this And when i search for plans from flite test, most identical shape its refer to FT master series P47 But i dont think motor can handle that size Can you guys tell me what to do? I really...
  2. W

    Wanted 1450kv 250W electric motor for Baby Blender

    I would like to get a 1400 or 1450 kv motor with 250W, and also 3 9G servos. I would like to trade if possible: I have brand new 2200 RC-Timer brushless motor, 10A ESC and some 6x4 props for gas and electric