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  1. N

    Tiny Trainer, and a 2204 2300kv motor

    I just purchased a 2204 2300kv emax motor due to the dis-trust I have towards the 1806 motor from reading plenty of reviews and a failure I had with it.. It is a bit larger so I took a drill bit and made the holes larger on the firewall but the motor did not line up properly. How should I mount...
  2. A

    Profile 25" Yak 54 BUILD LOG

    I've always wondered what it would be like to do a build log, and know how much reading other build logs has helped me with my builds/decisions, so here it is! Now that that is out of the way, I'll get to the main topic of this thread. I have always wanted to build a plane that is at least...
  3. jhitesma

    YKS 2204 Brushless 250 quad motors

    So back in December I got an email from a guy with an Amazon store elect&small2 saying he was a new store with a new line of RC products from a place called YKS and wondering if I'd like to review anything. He offered me a frame to review, but I already have more frames than I need. The 2204...
  4. L

    Are the RTFQ X2204 Advanced airbot titan clones?

    They look the same to me http://www.readytoflyquads.com/rtf-mini-motor-x2204-2300kv http://www.multirotorsuperstore.com/motors/airbot-titan-2204-2300kv-brushless-motor.html Also the single piece of thrust data RTFQuads gives "490g of thrust with HQ 5x4 at 10.5A / 130W" seems to match what the...
  5. E

    Not CRAZY but simple trainer needs help

    Hey guys.. I built a little trainer to get my family and friends into the hobby. I have helped build several nutballs for people and I am getting complaints that they are too (floppy). So I threw this together. Triangle fuse 23" with 30" under camber dihedral wing. coupled with a Hobbyking Donky...
  6. Snarls

    Mini Quad Motor kv

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of a lower kv motor vs. a high kv motor for a mini quad. For instance, the Cobra 2204s come in 1960kv and 2300kv. I thought everyone was leaning towards 2000+kv, but then I saw that Charpu uses 1960kv Cobras in the latest FT episode. Are lower kv motors...