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YKS 2204 Brushless 250 quad motors


Some guy in the desert
So back in December I got an email from a guy with an Amazon store elect&small2 saying he was a new store with a new line of RC products from a place called YKS and wondering if I'd like to review anything.

He offered me a frame to review, but I already have more frames than I need. The 2204 motors caught my eye though, they looked a lot like the old sunnysky's to me at first glance and the price was <$20 per motor so they seemed like they may be a nice budget motor. The seller then offered me a big discount on them so I'd be able to review them. After a bit of miscommunication on both sides we got that sorted out and I went ahead and ordered the set of motors. Unfortunately I was only given coupon codes for a set of CW and a set of CCW so I had to settle for the reverse threads on two which I'd prefer to not deal with. But for the price I was given I can't complain.

Unfortunately the timing on this was horrible. Christmas caused delays in me having funds to buy anything, once I finally lined that up my bank canceled my card the next day because someone in Spain was apparently trying to use. So I had to wait another week for my bank to sort that out before I could finally order the motors. Once ordered Elect&Small2 shipped quickly from within the US so the motors arrived just 2 days later.

Unfortunately my 3D printer arrived in that same window and distracted me. Plus I debated a few times as to which frame to put them on and I was really waiting for dRonin to go public so I could combine some testing. But I eventually made time to give the motors a once over and get them installed:

They sounded a little rougher than I expected, but were still a BIG step up from the beat up old 1806 emax motors I've been bashing around on this Nighthawk 250! Unfortunately when I went to create that video I found that the price on the motors had gone up and they were now over $20 and didn't seem like such a great budget choice anymore. The seller still offered me coupon codes to share (included in the video description) so with that in mind they still seemed like a fairly good deal.

But I had to get them in the air!

And then things really got crazy for me :p Anything and everything that could go wrong did. RX problems, TX battery died, video camera didn't record, major crashes, a week of rain (I live in the desert! I usually only raise 3-4 days a year!), busy schedule and family issues keeping me from even finding time to fly in the front yard with daylight!

But it had been long enough, elect&small2 was very generous with the deal they gave me on these motors and I really wanted to get something up showing that they do actually fly even if I've pretty much forgotten how it's been so long since I was able to fly a couple packs back to back :black_eyed:

So I settled for the "best" front yard flight test I was able to catch on camera and tossed in a few of the failures that I captured as well:

So what do I think of them? For <$20 I'm not disappointed at all, but if the price goes back to $20 or above I'd probably only consider them on sale or discount. They're not bad motors, all 4 were clean and straight with nice smooth bearings and are still remarkably straight and smooth after more hard hits into the pavement than they deserve. But they're not packaged like a premium motor and I'm not sure they make quite as much power as some of the other popular 2204/5 options. They're probably a real 2204 unlike Cobra's and they do swing my 6" props just fine without overheating or otherwise complaining. For <$20 a motor I'd probably buy them again if they continue to hold up like they have. But once you cross that $20 mark a number of other tempting options open up as well. I don't know if the coupon codes I was given to share are still active or not, they've been up a few weeks already and may be used up - but if they are any discount on the $18 list price would IMHO make for a great budget motor for someone just getting started or looking to build a reliable basher quad they don't want to put top dollar parts on.