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3d aerobatic

  1. chris398mx

    Mini Mamba 3D Biplane

    I have been following the Three Dimensional Flying with a Two Dimensional Plane! thread and decided to design and build a Mamba 10 inspired 3D Biplane. Here are some pictures of the V1 design. It didnt last long, but I think it has potential to be a great design. Below are the plans for the...
  2. flitetest

    Plane FT Edge 1.0

    FT Edge Description: The Flite Test Edge is based on the Zivko Edge 540 V3, which is a great aerobatic plane and also a very popular choice for pilots competing in the Red Bull Air Races. The FT Edge captures the crips lines of the real Edge while offering a wide flight envelope capable of...
  3. jmrpb

    SU - 37 (Sukhoi) 3D aerobatic with active canards

    SU - 37 (Sukhoi) 3D aerobatic with active canards SU - 37 (Sukhoi) With Functional Canards (Version 7) This is my Sukhoi 37 with functional canards and only three servos. Please, look carefully at picture number five for more details on the linkage. To achieve correct movement of the canard we...
  4. X

    Best mini 3D foamie?

    Heya Flitetest community! So i'm going away for a while and was looking for a little plane that i can take with me ... like something to just entertain me whilst i'm there. So the logical thing would be a small foamie preferably an epp. And that is compatible with spektrum! I'm looking for...