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3d printers

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    Laser cutter or 3D printer?

    I've finally reached that point in the hobby where a choice must be made. I would love a 3D printer to print various odds and ends, details etc but they (well ones that are under my 500 USD budget (Anet A6 is what I have my eye on) anyway) seem to be rather sketchy and problematic. Good high end...
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    The Drone Cyclone Company "A Gift offering for ALL Flite Test Members"

    Good Hello everyone, I went to the Flite Fest 2015 on Saturday, July 11th, 2015 in honor to the meet the Flite Test crew and it's awesome viewers. While I was there, I was handing out to many a FliteFest coupon for The Drone Cyclone Company an rc company based out of Doral, FL just outside of...