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3d profile plane

  1. billyshaw22

    Plane MXS Profile 3d 1

    use 8gram servos and 2207 1750 motor. foam board with carbon fiber or hardwood spar. great for indoors.
  2. Jonny Gum

    Super Light 3D Foam Board Profile Plane for indoor and outdoor Insanity!

    If you’ve never seen or heard of one of these lightweight 3D planes, look up a video of the Twisted Hobbies Crack Laser. These models pack a huge performance into a small plane! However, some of these airframes will run you over 80$... so to save some money, but still get insane performance...
  3. Croom

    What 3D profile plane would you reccomend?

    Recently, I've gotten the bug to try one of these, however, I want to know what you would recommend, as there are countless options. Here are my parameters: -Must be from Hobbyking (if it's amazon or ebay that's ok too) -500mm-900mm wingspan -be able to use a 250 class motor (368g max thrust)...