1. FlyingTyger

    Plane Tiny Twister 1.0

    Tiny Twister A micro fun-fly design for 3mm foam construction Span: 18" RTF weight of prototype: 74 grams Components used in prototype: Motor - Hobbyking 5g, 2000kv outrunner with a 5x3 prop Battery - 2 cell, 300mah LiPo ESC/Rx - Spektrum brushless ESC/Rx brick Servos - Spektrum linear servos...
  2. M

    Foam Board 3mm or 5mm

    Hi, This has no doubt been answered before but I can't find another post! Before I go and buy a bunch of Foam Board I want to check if anyone has used 3mm Foam Board before. On Amazon UK there seems to be options for 5mm and 3mm, 3mm could be good thanks to the weight saving but I would be...