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Foam Board 3mm or 5mm


This has no doubt been answered before but I can't find another post!

Before I go and buy a bunch of Foam Board I want to check if anyone has used 3mm Foam Board before.

On Amazon UK there seems to be options for 5mm and 3mm, 3mm could be good thanks to the weight saving but I would be worried about losing strength. Also, I'm unsure if there could be any other downsides to using a thinner board.

Has anyone had any experience with 3mm board?



Old age member
It is all depending on the model you build and the weight you want - follow the instructions for the model you are making.
Most Indoor planes are built in 3 mm foam. The weight difference is not as much as you think as the most of the weight normally is on the surfaces of the foam.

Cool, thanks for getting back 5mm would be the standard then for outdoor.

I actually plan on building a profile version of the FT-3d for indoor flying this winter so will probably use the 3mm on that.



Dedicated foam bender
I have heard of people peeling the inside paper/skin in order to save weight. It makes sense when you think that the paper is a very large part of the overall weight...especially on an indoor build.