4 in 1

  1. BenH

    Solved Questions about TX16s Transmitter Gimbals, LBT, FCC, ELRS and 4-in-1 options

    I am planning on buying a Radiomaster TX16s Transmitter soon, because I want to upgrade from my old DXs. I have a few questions about the different transmitter options: 1. What is the difference between the V4.0 Hall Gimbals and the AG10 Hall Gimbals? Are the V4.0 Hall Gimbals already upgraded...
  2. R

    Testing the new Aikon Electronics 4 in 1 esc! FPV freestyle

    Aikon Electronics send me the new 4 in 1 esc/pdb. It has an 5v and 12v power regulator and is capable of running Dshot600!