Solved Questions about TX16s Transmitter Gimbals, LBT, FCC, ELRS and 4-in-1 options


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I am planning on buying a Radiomaster TX16s Transmitter soon, because I want to upgrade from my old DXs. I have a few questions about the different transmitter options:

1. What is the difference between the V4.0 Hall Gimbals and the AG10 Hall Gimbals? Are the V4.0 Hall Gimbals already upgraded versions of the normal gimbals for the TX16s?

2. I will be moving to Europe sometime in the next year. I know that LBT transmitters and receivers are allowed in the EU, while FCC transmitters and receivers aren't. Are LBT systems allowed in the US (I live here currently), and how does the signal quality/range differ between FCC and LBT systems?

3. What is the difference between ELRS and the 4-in-1 versions of the Transmitter?

4. Will I be allowed to use a Spektrum AR410 receiver and a Spektrum AR636A receiver in Europe (Do they use LBT)? They are both DSMX receivers.

I'd appreciate any information to any of these topics.
Here's the link to the transmitter: TX16S
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Cannot answer most of your questions except one. For ELRS on some models like mine i had to buy a separate module that plugs into the back of the radio, depending on which TX 16 you get it is built into the radio. They all have the 4-1 module built in.