1. L Edge


    Going to re-do my SR-71 with moving up to cw/ccw 70 mm EDF's. Lost paper design over years, and of course took out 64's to do other planes and that ended its' life. That means my Viggen is now going to be destroyed to get at other EDF. Have you seen the HH SR-71 that's coming out soon? A...
  2. L Edge

    Finally, the A-10 64 mm EDF 5 bladed Warthog Flies !!!!!!!!!!!! (chucked by hand)

    After many battles dealing with the A-10 with EDF's, the war has been won. Many versions of the FT A-10"s have been produce with propellers in the ducts or in front or rear. See the threads dealing with the FT A-10's and EDF's. My battle took alike A-10 and covered three main problems...