Finally, the A-10 64 mm EDF 5 bladed Warthog Flies !!!!!!!!!!!! (chucked by hand)

L Edge

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After many battles dealing with the A-10 with EDF's, the war has been won. Many versions of the FT A-10"s have been produce with propellers in the ducts or in front or rear. See the threads dealing with the FT A-10's and EDF's.



My battle took alike A-10 and covered three main problems that makes the model war torn and on it's last leg.

Result, the maiden was today (my birthday) and it did it's job. Launched real well(slightly nose heavy) by hand and climbed real well and snappy like a jet should and having a small tree lined field(300ft by 300ft) took the turns(3/4 throttle) and a got a little pitch trim in. Turns excellent and now tried some medium speed flight and at the end some slow flight and how about the final sharp 1/2 turn and landing. All on a 3S lipo battery. Winner,winner, got my chicken dinner.

Need to fine tune things, but think this A-10 can go against anything out there. I have flown a lot of planes and this one is stable as can be. It shows it can go fast and arrive at the battle field to handle tight conditions at the site.

The 3 toughest projects using EDF's are the SR-71, Warthog, and the F-117. Did two, now on to the F-117.



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Sounds like a nice present; nothing quite like finally flying a model when it's been playing difficult on the first few attempts! Looks good though, if you hadn't said it had been a difficult one I wouldn't have assumed it ever was.

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If you do a search, there is an " Unofficial FT A-10 Warthog" thread that is 22 pages of people trying to do it with 64 mm EDF's.