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action camera

  1. L

    Review of WiMius L1 WiFi 4k Action Cam

    The WiMius L1 might be small but it is actually sort of a big deal! It combines clever design with great functionality and deserves the seal of approval. Packaged along with some fantastic additional accessories, it has all the essential features worthy of praise. This 4K WiFi action camera...
  2. P

    An alternative to a GoPro

    I'd love to have a GoPro mounted to get great video, but when money is tight I have to think how can I do this cheaper. Requirement one: Record is button press I found this great little project to make an action cam with a raspberry pi, so that's one box ticked...
  3. Andre

    GearBest Review. EKEN H8R 170 Degree Wide Angle 4K Ultra HD WiFi Action Camera

    EKEN H8R 170 Degree Wide Angle 4K Ultra HD WiFi Action Camera After the RunCam2 I was pleased to hear from GearBest again. This time I will be looking at my first 2.7K and 4K camera experience. Should be very interesting to see how this camera stack up to the previously tested models...
  4. D

    2015 New FPV Camera For Your Drone

    Hi there, I'm wondering if there are any cameras out there that are probably around $200 that are equavalent to the Go-Pro. I'm not looking for crystal clear 4K, as this if more of a safety thing more youtube videos. I find one camera: Blackview DV800B, it seems decent. Has anybody used...