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  1. BIgjohn3592

    Help! 12' B-52 builder: Looking for Giant Sheets of Adams Foamboard as seen in the A-10 videos.

    I am currently in the preliminary phases of designing and building a 12' span B-52. I know I can splice sheets together to get the lengths I want, but if I could buy a box of big, uncut foam sheets to make the process go faster and easier, I would. Anybody know how I can get ahold of some? I...
  2. P

    Adams' Readi-board to sell worldwide

    Hello guys, I contacted Adams this morning to enquire about direct shipping of Readi-board cases in Europe/France or whether they already had local retailers. Well, first, they replied really fast, like under the 30min bar, and they told me they were working on selling worldwide through Amazon...
  3. R

    Adams Readi-Board shipped to the UK (and international) for £1.66 per board :-)

    Adams Readi-Board shipped to the UK (and international) for £1.66 (ish) per board :-) Good news eh? I've just spoken to www.goadams.com who make the Readi-Board that FliteTest use and that is sold at www.dollartree.com and they told me that they supply the board to a company called Bazic...
  4. aslansknight

    I used Elmer's Foam Board

    I used Elmer's Foamboard to make my FT Flyer and FT Bloody Wonder. How much will the extra weight hurt me as I'm learning to fly? Each sheet of Elmers weighs approximately 8 ounces versus 4 ounces for Adam's foam board. Double the weight means double the required lift - so does that mean I'm...