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    Boba Straw Rocket

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if i could get some help, I'm building a small rocket that gets launched off of a boba straw using my breath. Any ideas on how to make fins get a nose cone and make a body? Thanks, anything helps!
  2. J

    Anyone know where to find Aerodynamic diagrams?

    Hi, I am building my first RC plane right now, a FT Mighty Mini Tiny Trainer MKR2. I am looking for aerodynamic diagrams for this plane similar to the example image I attached to this post. If anyone knows where I could find this information please let me know. Any help would be greatly...
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    Help! I am making a flying wing design thrust ratio?

    Help! I bought the parts of my first plane off banggood (I wanted to do it myself and design it im sorry but it is carbon fibre ) and my plane weighs 403 grams and has a thrust of 285 grams, will it fly? I realise i was stupid not checking for weight... It is a flying wing design with a wing...