Help! I am making a flying wing design thrust ratio?


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Help! I bought the parts of my first plane off banggood (I wanted to do it myself and design it im sorry but it is carbon fibre ) and my plane weighs 403 grams and has a thrust of 285 grams, will it fly? I realise i was stupid not checking for weight... It is a flying wing design with a wing area of 400mm squared maybe a bit more. Thanks!
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70% TWR is more than enough to fly. That's more than most real aircraft. When in doubt, don't throw it, build an undercarriage and try to take it off from the ground. If it won't fly, then it just won't fly.

If you toss it and it won't fly, then it likely won't fly again.


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Not sure what you mean by 400 mm squared. Is that 400 sq mm or a square of 400 mm sides (160,000 sq mm) ?
If the wing is really 400 sq mm then you have no chance of flying with a weight 403 g. it is simply much too heavy.
If the wing is 160,000 sq mm then the wing loading would be 0.0025 g/sq mm (8.2 oz/sq ft) which is just about reasonable for the power you have and the size of your plane.